Air Element Charm Necklace
Air Element Charm Necklace

Air Element Charm Necklace

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Air is the element the represents the breath of life! It is the element of creativity, intelligence, and knowledge. Its Zodiac signs are: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. A necklace that makes a statement on its own, but also looks pretty layered with other favorites. Wear this as a daily enhancement of your intellect and deep curiosity. 
  • .925 sterling silver diamond polished element coin 13 mm 
  • Handcrafted gold filled dainty 'ball-like' chain 
  • Handmade ♥ in California

Designer Tip: Layer the elements that speak to you. You may layer with Jovi Whisper Chain. Skip 3-4 inches to avoid overlapping.

Any other length requests, please e-mail: