Galia XL Heart Gemstone
Galia XL Heart Gemstone

Galia XL Heart Gemstone

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Our original Galia XL necklace has been very popular, so it was natural for us to make another version of it. 
  • Gold filled 
  • Handcrafted thick twist chain
  • Hand carved gemstone heart shape pendant 25x25x8 mm 
  • Handmade ♥ in California

Model is wearing size 18 inches. 

Onyx: A powerful stone for protection. Transform negative energy into positive. Aids your body in times of stress, grief and confusion. 

Amethyst: Spiritual protection and purification. Cleanses one's energy of any negative influence or attachment. Consider this as a barrier for an unhealthy environment and low negative energy. 

Howlite: Calming stone. Teaches patience while helping eliminate stress, rage and pain. 

Quartz: A quartz is essential to manifest your intentions. It has the ability to clear your mind of all negativity. A quartz will help you enhance your soul to a higher level of spiritual receptiveness.  

Please note everybody's bone structure is different, therefore certain lengths might not look the same on everyone.

* See other photos for layering lengths. Lengths available, are the ones designer recommends for piece to fall perfectly on neck. Any other requests, please e-mail: