We make our jewelry with so much love, that we expect/hope you treat PARPALA JEWELRY with TLC as each piece is pretty dainty and delicate due to the nature of its craftsmanship. However, if you cannot stop wearing it (we totally get it!) please take a moment to look at a few 'tips' from us: 
We pride in making 'waterproof' jewelry, however certain factors such as: soap, salt water, chlorine, etc., may affect the 'tone' of each piece. To avoid any harm to your jewelry, please make sure you rinse off thoroughly after every time your jewelry comes in contact with water. 
We also recommend storing your jewelry inside plastic bags. Often, if left on 'open environment' pieces may tarnish quick. In conclusion, you should either wear it, or store inside a plastic bag. 
You may clean your jewelry with a polishing cloth. The same you use to clean sterling silver. Please be careful while you do so, as the nature of the jewelry is delicate, and you might 'pull' your piece and break it. If you do clean your jewelry, please hold firm while you do so to avoid bending or breakage. 
We also offer a 'cleaning service' free of charge. Please let us know if you would like to send in your jewelry so we make it look like new for you. You may e-mail us at: